Highway Environmental Response Solutions


Emergency Response


ighway Environmental will guarantee the most reasonable response time, mitigation, and affordability for any emergency situation. The crews are trained and capable of handling your emergency no matter where it occurs or the quantity involved. We specialize in liquid spill recovery and transfers from any type of container or vessel, interstate or highway accident spill recovery and industrial emergencies that require quick response and recovery. We will correct all mishaps as quickly and affordably as possible. We will work closely with state, federal, or local agencies that may be involved to help limit the contamination, stabilize the situation, and recover the impact area. Our technicians have specialized training for transfers with Highway Tankers, Intermodal Tanks, and Railroad Tankers. We are capable of transferring most all chemicals either hazardous or non-hazardous always keeping safety as the foremost initiative.

Environmental Engineering and Assessment Services


n addition to providing a full suite of spill response services, Highway Environmental is proud to provide environmental engineering and assessment services to its clients. Our staff includes a Registered Professional Engineer, Geologist, Biologist, Environmental Technicians, and CAD/GIS operators. The environmental services staff has over 20 years of experience working on environmental assessment and remediation projects throughout the Southeast and Western United States. Highway Environmental has a strong health and safety culture; we get the job done efficiently, but in the safest manner possible. Highway Environmental provides a clear definition of the work to be completed and effectively communicate with the client every step of the way while staying on budget.

Remediation & Excavation Services


e have the experience and training to handle both emergency response remediation projects, as well as planned remediation actions. All remediation projects will always be handled professionally, safely, and as quickly as possible. Remediation requires a well-planned, methodical approach from assessing potential site impact to planning and executing appropriate remedial activities. Our staff is mindful of client expectations, as well as community and regulatory needs. Highway Environmental has experience working with numerous state agencies for voluntary and required remediation activities. We will reduce your liability by taking a detailed and planned approach for the safest, quickest, and most cost effective recovery and site revitalization. We have experience working at emergency spill sites at a variety of locations, oil and gas sites, industrial and commercial facilities, and Department of Defense site, as well as RCRA and CERCLA sites.

Remediation services incude:
  • Site assessment activities
  • Evaluation and selection of remedial technologies
  • Development of in-situ and ex-situ remedied technology design and implementation
  • Excavation and offsite disposal for soil
  • Construction oversight
  • Installation and sampling of groundwater monitoring wells
  • Sampling of soil vapor and sub-slab sampling
  • Removing and remediation of underground storage tanks
  • Permitting with regulatory agencies and local municipalities

Additionally, for Excavation Services, we also offer lot clearing, residential development, and site restoration. We take a detailed method to restore property to its natural environment by working with various agency’s to revitalize any site that has been removed or destroyed from ecological impact or natural disaster.

Environmental Assessment and Due Diligence


ighway Environmental can perform environment assessments for the purchase, sale or refinance of any property. Our qualified staff has experience in performing Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, Phase II Site Investigations, and Due-Diligence Reviews for sites across the United States. Our staff has worked with numerous commercial and industrial facilities, financial institutions, and real estate developers.

Our services include:

  • Phase I Environmental Assessments
  • Phase II Site Investigations
  • Phase III Remediation and Voluntary Clean-ups
  • Desktop and State records review, and Permitting and Compliance


Permitting and Compliance


nvironmental permitting and compliance is a key aspect of day-to-day operations of many facilities and projects. Highway Environmental has experience in developing permit applications to meet any number of client needs. We also offer compliance and support services for existing and new permit needs. Highway Environmental can develop compliance plans and provide staff with the training necessary to administer the plans. We serve as client advocates when providing permitting services to ensure that agreements with regulators are appropriate and fair. Highway Environmental has experience working with a variety of mining, commercial, industrial, and oil and gas facilities.

Permitting and compliance services available include:
  • Preparation/modification of Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasures (SPCC) plans
  • Preparation/modification of Storm water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPPs) for construction and operation
  • Preparation/modification of Storm water Management Plans
  • Development of Best Management Practices (BMPs)
  • Annual sampling including groundwater, surface water, storm water, air, soil vapor, and soils
  • Compliance evaluation, training, and reporting
  • Provide interface with regulators


Waste Disposal Services


ighway Environmental has professional relationships with all of the permitted hazardous waste facilities in the Southeast. Waste is profiled into the most appropriate facility. Whether your waste requires incineration, recycling, fuel blending, or treatment, we will match your waste to the most cost efficient location. We can remove the worries concerning your cradle to grave responsibility.

We insure that our staff is trained and capable of sampling, profiling, identifying, packaging, manifesting, and shipping of hazardous and non-hazardous waste. All phases of waste will be handled professionally and in the most cost efficient manner possible. We take pride in finding the right disposal facility for our customers waste.

Industrial Services


ur industrial service experience includes monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual shutdowns requiring 24 hour work schedule. The equipment routinely used in our industrial work includes pressure washers, shop vacuums, diaphragm pumps, vacuum tankers, vacuum boxes, frac tanks, and large diameter pumps. New equipment, experienced technicians, and daily safety meetings produce problem free clean outs. From small oil water separators to large above ground storage tanks, we are capable and ready to handle any situation that may arise.

Some work performed by our Industrial Services Units includes:

  • Plant/Line Decontamination
  • Site Excavation and Remediation
  • Vacuum Tanker Services / Vacuum Truck Services
  • Pressure Washing / Hotsy Pressure Washing
  • Dust Removal / ceilings to the floor
  • Transfers / non-hazardous or hazardous products. Liquid or Solid
  • Hoarding disposal and recycling.
  • Lab packaging and disposal.
  • Drone Services / Hi-Def Videos and Pictures
  • Bio Hazard / Crime Scene and Trauma Service and clean up.